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Story - What not to miss in Newington Green N7

What not to miss in Newington Green N7
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This busy little area in London started as a medieval village or settlement and later grew to become a proper district. Newington Green was known for its agricultural products such as food and hay, and these items were sent off to be sold in London. This area has a lot of historical significance as Henry VIII owned a house there and would stay over to hunt boar and deer occasionally.

There are also various religious centers, especially for the Jewish community. This is because many Jews who wanted to escape Russia ended up here and built their synagogues. Therefore, the area has a lot of religious diversity to show for itself. If you visit now, you'll find a pleasant, green area that's popular with the surrounding community. There are lots of plants, foliage, and activities that you can check out when you visit. Here are some things you can do when you're in Newington Green next:

Have an Orange Chocolate Dessert

Belle Epoque is a ‘must visit’ French patisserie that will give you sweet experiences you won’t find anywhere else. You can sample the delicious croissants, have a salad or two and sip on some gourmet coffee. Whatever your order, you won’t be disappointed. Their specialty is a dark chocolate dessert that has hints of orange and other complex flavors. What’s more, you can also grab on-the-go desserts if you’re hungry.

Put Your Trivia to the Test

Here’s a location you won’t find in tourist guides. Make your way over to The Alma and get ready for a night of dog-petting, beer-tasting, and trivia! You read that right. The entire pub is decked out in posters and streamers featuring famous and classic movies. The Victorian-themed pub will make instantly put you at ease as you take on easy and difficult movie-based trivia all night long!